This blog is a call for all the music lovers in this world.. This blog has been started by a group of people who share a common interest which is music.. Having been sharing our thoughts for the past three years now, we are now sharing our thoughts with the world through this blog of ours.. You will find music, music and only music in this world of music.. Right from retro music to new music, bollywood songs to classical, instrumental to vocal, you can find articles related to every subject.. Here you can find some of the rare discussions on music right.. Well, we can go on writing about what message we want to pass to this world but its important that you feel the essence and to do so, you need to keep yourself updated with our articles and discussions.. So, do stay back and have fun!!

We also have a forum attached to this blog.. All discussions on the posted topics will take place in the forum. So, do register yourself in the forum ( for extended discussion!!


3 Responses to “About MelodyJunction”

  1. Mrs. Shahrukh Says:

    Music as everyone knows is a universal language and connects human beings no matter which continent of the world they belong to. I am todays person but i think my soul is old and hence 60’s and 70’s music is my music…….

  2. S.KANNAN Says:

    I really cant say that I am a Music fan but ofcourse I do listen to Hindi songs both new and old, at times listen to classical carnatic music although with very little or no knowledge of Raagas. Any way ALL THE VERY BEST FOR THE NEW BLOG. LOOOOONNNNGGG LIVE YOUR BLOG!

  3. Dibyajyoti Says:

    Nice blog, i’m blogging at, it’s primarily a tech site but i’m looking forward to relations with music junction.

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