There are many who claim that RD Burman is the best composer till date and Kishore is the best singer (Considering male voice). There are so many fans for them or rather to say – devotees.. Now what made RD Burman and Kishore so popular leaving behind the composers like SD Burman, Madan Mohan, Salil Chowdhury, Naushad and singers like Mohd Rafi, Manna Dey and others who tried their luck in industry???

Following are my view points for discussion:

Firstly, I consider Salil Chowdhury, SD Burman, Madan Mohan, Naushad, C.Ramanachandra, to be much better composers than RD Burman. Just look at the songs being composed. No Doubt, RDB tried with many new style of music. The western style of music created a huge sensation among the audience. But was he versatile enough?? His songs were composed as if to cater to the style of Kishore.  Kishoreda’s voice definitely had the right emotions for each song, but as not being trained, he couldnt give out certain classic numbers like what Rafi or Manna Dey sahib did. When comparing the singers Rafi and Manna Dey have sung almost all genre songs starting from semi-classical, qawallis till romantic soft numbers.

In this younger generation – if one asks for SD Burman or Salil Chowdhury or Madan Mohan, very few percentage of people will know. But RD Burman and Kishore are known to huge percentage of people. Many new age music directors and singers give examples of RD Burman and Kishore, while very less is talked about composers like Salil Chowdhry, Naushad and others.

It could be that the people needed a change and so RD Burman and Kishore combo was liked by all… Certain questions I am putting forward to people to answer:

  • But have we forgotten those gems composed and sung by the early legendary composers and singers???
  • Why is it that when it comes to Kishore or RD Burman, a special kind of treatment is given, while not for others??
  • Why is not much importance given to the gems composed by the early composers?? Shouldnt they revive those songs and promote them?? Why promote more of RD Burman and Kishore songs??

All I can say at the end is – By doing this, they are depriving the younger generation from hearing the real classic melodies of the early composers. And saying that RD Burman and Kishore are the best is an injustice to the early legendary composers and singers. So, what do you think can be done to popularize the golden era songs belonging to 50s and 60s?? And what can be done to revive the names of those legendary composers??