adnansami2Mumbai: Adnan Sami might be currently going through one of the lowest points in his life as his marriage with wife Sabah seems to be facing a very rough patch, but this hasn’t distracted the singer and composer from concentrating on his career. As the Bombay High Court dismissed his wife’s plea that he and his parents be evacuated from the home that Adnan shares with Sabah, the artist had a new found tone of resolution in his voice and told After Hrs about one of his biggest ever project that he has embarked upon.

Adnan, it was reported in 2007, was collaborating with Michael Jackson and his brother Jermaine for a music album, but the project did not take off. Adnan reveals that the project has only grown bigger! The venture will now see all the Jackson brothers (Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael and Randy who had formed the band named The Jackson 5 which later became The Jacksons) as well as sister Janet, team up for this grand project with Adnan composing music for it.

“I have always been focussed about my career despite the tension surrounding my personal life. I love music and nothing can keep me away from it. I have already started working for the project that will have Michael Jackson, his brothers and sister Janet sing on it. It is a huge project and the sound will be basically a mix of Motown — something that they specialise in, Indian and world music elements,” says Adnan. He is also scoring for some Bollywood films.

However, one can’t help but ask Adnan how pained is he seeing his own marriage go down? “Though I’m happy that I have won the case and I’m thankful to the judiciary as well as the police,I’m a human being too. Which husband in this world would want to see his marriage go wrong?”

Has he lost faith in the institution of marriage? “Absolutely not, and that’s because I have seen my mom and dad share such a beautiful relationship for decades now. I have been shaken up by my wife but I have not lost faith for sure.”
Source : DNAIndia