mithoonThe shy boy who gave the Indian youth something to cheer about with the immensely popular ‘Woh Lamhe’ is breaking ice in the field of music with music mogul Bhushan Kumar playing his mentor.

Visibly excited about his impending album release, he told us, “I have been working on this project since a year now and have been waiting for the album to hit the shelves. The songs will go on air in the third week of January and the official release will soon follow.”

Mithoon has made just the right vibe on the music screen and with his dad, composer Naresh Sharma, behind him; he has the force to go that extra mile. Well, that extra mile stretched all the way to United Kingdom, as he roped in musicians who boast of being part of the prestigious Philharmonic Orchestra, All the same, Mithooon using world music has still churned out essentially Indian music straight from his heart. Watch out for this lad! Source – TNN