Mumbai: Musician Adnan Sami’s domestic travails have reached a flashpoint. His estranged wife Sabah, who stays in the same house, has filed for divorce complaining that he plays his “music too loud”. Confirming this dramatic development in his domestic drama, Adnan told IANS:

“Sabah’s lawyers sent me the papers very late on Saturday night. Since then I’ve been in deep consultation with my lawyers. Yes, she has asked for a divorce and also the house which we now share in separate wings. “She has accused me in her divorce papers, among other things, of playing my music too loud. Very frankly, I can only say all the best to Sabah. No matter what happens I will always wish her all the best in life.”

What Adnan resents is the time his wife chose to bring out all her grievances against him. “Quite honestly her timing sucks. My father is very seriously ill. In fact, last night he slipped and fell in the bathroom. Nice timing, no? Just when my life and my marriage has also slipped out of my hands.” Adnan claims his wife has asked for his parents to be also evicted from the disputed house that the couple occupies. But Adnan is determined to fight it out. “This house belongs to me, my parents and my son. I’m willing to give up the marriage, but I’ll be damned if I give up our home.

I’m a lawyer and I’ve hired the best available legal talent to fight my case. Fortunately, this country has the best legal minds in the world. And I’ve full faith in the Indian judicial system.” A non-cognisable offence was registered against Adnan at the Oshiwara police station last week after Sabah accused him of “mental and physical torture”. The Pakistani singer was then summoned to the police station and warned against misbehaving with his wife in future.
Source : IANS