selMusicians Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendonsa are quite familiar with the concept of charity. In fact, some time ago, the trio jammed together for the charity concert for the NGO, Alert India, the experience of which was unparalleled explained Ehsaan who said, “While we were playing for the concert, the music was just flowing. The entire experience was very spiritual.”

Proving that one good deed helps spark another, Ehsaan narrated an incident that occurred as a result of their charity concert. “The day after the concert, we received a bouquet of flowers and a letter from a gentleman. The letter talked of how his wife had lost her will to live because of an acute thyroid condition,” he explained.

Shankar took over the story and added, “After much cajoling, the husband and her children convinced her to attend the concert. After the concert, and to everyone’s surprise, she asked if they could all go out and enjoy a nice family dinner.” The gentleman was so surprised that he sent the trio a bouquet of flowers. Ehsaan continues, “Now that lady is completely cured of her thyroid problem. Music surely heals!”

This year too, the trio will perform on January 25, in the hope of shedding light on leprosy. A few days ago Shankar and Ehsaan visited a few leprosy patients at a hospital in Vashi. It was Shankar’s son’s birthday, but the musician chose to start off his day with a visit to this hospital. “I think that visiting the patients is as important as my son’s birthday. Later I will spend some time with my son,” Shankar said to the press. Ehsaan pointedly added, “We as artistes have the power to spread a word and we have to take advantage of the same to spread message about a good cause.”