The Diwali and new year gave a good start for the film industry with the release of 2 big banner films Golmaal returns and Fashion.. After list of flops, Golmaal returns and fashion were the most awaited movies of this season.. Well, both had a good opening and so I thought of catching up with Golmaal Returns..

After reading many reviews of Golmaal Returns, I just took a risk of watching it.. There were many criticism starting from the script to acting.. Yet, I gave it a chance.. I had no expectations of having fun after believing those reviews.. But they proved me wrong.. Its a fulltoose entertainer – Just that you must keep your brains outside the theater hall If some scenes make you fall off the chair, some will put you off to sleep!!

It is no any unusual story, but the plots and sequences give you a stomach ache.. The mockery at Ekta’s soaps or the other bollywood movies maybe a little over bearing, but certain punch dialogues make you feel – How true they are.. Tusshar Kapoor’s acting gets a double thumbs up as he proves for the second time that comedy is his genre and he is better of to act as a mute!! Kareena, who I always felt was a black mark for Kapoor’s family, has done a fairly good job as a suspicious wife of Ajay Devgan.. The character plot failed miserable as Arshad as a super cop finally had just 2 roles to play – Either be behind Ajay or romance with Amrita Arora.. Well, Arshad is Arshad and any role you give him, suites him the best!!! Though Golmaal returns is no a sequel of Golmaal, it keeps on reminding us that we are watching the part 2 as there is always a mention about the part 1 in their punch lines If Golmaal was a punching bag of Black, then Golmaal Returns does a mockery at Saawariya.. Dont know why Rohit is all the time behind Sanjay Leela Bansali movies Stretching the movie for two and half hour without any story line is definitely commendable.. Oh well, it proves to have gotten training from the soap queen Ekta Kapoor ;) Celina Jaitley’s important character had no importance until the climax.. I still dont get what was the need for Pritam as the music director as all the 4 songs never fit into the script.. The title song of Golmaal returns is even then understood, but what was the need of Tha Kar ke (The unnecessary music beats just gave a headache ) Thanks to the distributors as they cut one of the song and the Meow song is just for promotion which appears at the end (Good, we dont have to watch bony Kareena Kapoor)..

Shreyas who was not part of Golmaal must have enjoyed being part of this movie, but sorry Rohit, the viewers are not awaiting your Golmaal returns back, unless and until you give us a better story line and innovative punch dialogues.. (P.S: You will get to know why I am mentioning about this, when you watch the movie)

All said and done – I enjoyed atleast one hour of the movie and had the paisa vasool.. If you have nothing to do and want to refresh your evening, then this is the movie to watch for.. Go without any expectations and enjoy your Popcorn and Coke along with the some strong punch dialogues and humorous plots!!!

It scores 3 Thumbs Up and
2 Thumbs Down