Music basically was introduced to connect ourselves to god.. It was introduced so we could get the effect of most vibrations available in the world.. Each vibration has its own effect – both for those who listen to the vibration and those utter the vibration. The notes Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa – signifies a vibration. Well, there is a long story on why these notes were chosen among those 1000 letters available.. Not going in deapth, music has been mentioned in all the four vedas of Hindu culture namely Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda with each veda sigfying songs for various occassions.. There are songs which are not meant to be sung at home and other songs which are meant to be sung only in temples.. As not many can understand the deapth of vibrations in the world, music was written as the means to get the positive vibration around the listeners and singers..

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But unfortunately, the purpose of music has been lost.. Music is no more the means for connecting with the god but it has now turned into a money making machine.. With the introduction of film music, we can hear songs but how many songs turn a positive vibration around?? Especially with the peppy songs getting popular, there is no hard and fast rule for composing music.. Composers are more focused on attracting the crowd with drum beats and the audience drool over the dancers.. The music industry does not realize that such vibrations can cause huge damage to the existing world – Cant we see the repercussion??

Sound is an inseparable part of world and every sound affects the listeners.. Its high time we realize the actual purpose of music!! But alas, what would happen to the crores of money invested in the music industry?? Nothing can be done as its too late but atleast a warning can be issued – Be prepared for the worst to come!!!