Its not that I have anything against fusion music and stuff but the rage that has come into the market and being labeled as the rejuvenation of Retro music, being followed mainly by some small music companies with the sole aim to pocket some quick bucks, is what I am really against. Had a long chat with a person one day and according to her this new avatar of fusion music, that is the current rage of India, is the only option now. And, we should now learn to adapt to this fact!! I agree it’s the current rage but is it really the only path?? Sorry to say but I believe this current music is actually killing good music.

The person concerned was talking about the remixes that floods the market and music channels on TV today. Allowing them to destroy some timeless movie song/tune composed by likes of Madan Mohan, RDBurman, Salilda and then add some techno computer loops for the beat, use computer samples for sarangi/sitar/sarode, finally few English phrases in a husky voice and pass it off as “Retro Music for Current Generation” is something I personally feel we can always do without. Currently this, by far is what the pop-culture definition of “fusion music” is. And this is what many today expects to see – “Remixes” or “Lounge music”!! And this is what many feel needs to be appreciated at par with our old melodies. Is this the state to which our music has come down to? No one is advising you not to listen to new compositions of fusions… but these!! If these music can make a listener believe that this is our original Retro Melody then it is really very unfortunate.

I myself have a threshold level of considering what music is & what is noise. For me anything that soothes my current state of nerve level I consider as music. But anything that excites the current state of my nerve, according to my personal feeling, I consider it as noise. And these new avatar of fusion music just excites my nerves too much.

Is it the starting of end of road for our Retro music?? If true then I must say it’ll be the most unfortunate thing. (Second part on same subject, with quotes from likes of Khayyamji and Ashaji, coming soon)