Starting the career with directing daily soaps, Himesh Reshammiya has crossed a long way to become a music director cum singer and now an actor. Just few knew about him before Aashique Banaya Aapne and now he is the house hold name.. He can be heard in discos, rickshaws, television channels and he is talked and joked about around the world.. He is one to have a huge fan following – say for his music or singing or now even acting.. Himesh’s magic started with Aashique Banaya Aapne – his style of singing became famous, not only his singing but even the style he adopted became popular.. But as said, controversies comes along with popularity..

Every celebrity receives comments from critics, but this music director cum singer, Himesh has received the maximum criticism possible.. He has been the subject of joke for many comedians while his singing appreciated and criticized.. May it be Sonu Nigam, Asha Bhosle or his friend Salman Khan, Himesh has fallen into controversy with many of his collegues.. Even his collegues dont fail to criticize him for his style of singing and monotonous musiic.. His true image came into light in the reality show saregamapa after which even the audience started having a negative feeling for him. May it be for creating drama for TRP or for hyping his own contestants, Himesh was noticed for shouting and screaming all over the sets.. This definitely brought in TRP for the show, but his image was totally ruined..

Even after receiving so much criticism on singing and his music, Himesh never looked back and went on to chase his dream.. He became a popular figure may it be for critics or his fans.. Not only his songs in films but his concert, Aap ka suroor received great reception.. After music he has now ventured himself into acting.. I happened to watch his movie Aap ka suroor a few days ago.. He is good with dialogue delivery (Why not – He has good experience with delivering his dialogues in SRGMP.. So, experience definitely speaks.. ;)) But Himesh this is not the sets of saregamapa where your shouting and screaming is sufficient for TRP – this is movie and it requires emotions to be portrayed on the screen..

Now, coming to his music – its not that Himesh is not talented.. He has given some of the good scores in Tere Naam, Humraaz and Banaras.. Banaras is one of the best albums composed by Himesh but it did not do well with the audience and he had to go back to his style.. He has even been heard singing without the nasal effect – so wonder why he has to stick on to the nasal style?? But as Himesh says, every singer and composer has his own style and is known for it.. So, its sure that when Himesh has been recognized for his style, he doesn’t want to deviate and ruin his career..

Himesh’s song from the movie Banaras:

Onething which I would like to add is, we have had few singers in the past who have also composed and acted in movies, but Himesh is one who has taken bollywood industry to heights with his compositions.. It doesn’t matter who hates him because as many haters, he has many who loves him. You hate him or love him, you just cannot ignore him because controversy or no controversy, critics or no critics, Himesh will move on in his way..