The voice behind Yeh Honsla and Mitwa, Shafqat Amanat Ali has come out with his new album called Tabeer.. His voice is liked by many and is appreciated by many music directors and singers of recent times.. The new album sounds great with fresh music for the young music lovers

Here is an interview of his on the album..

Singer Shafqat Amanat Ali, who chose the capital for the release of his debut solo album, says he is overwhelmed with the appreciation he receives from Indian audiences. Ali, who is the voice behind chartbusters like ‘Mitwa’ in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’ and ‘Yeh Honsla’ in Nagesh Kukoonor’s ‘Dor’, selected New Delhi to release his album ‘Tabeer’, which he had composed himself.

“I was not expecting such a great response from the audience here. I am really thankful to them for the kind of love and affection they showed towards me,” the former lead vocalist of popular Pakistani music band ‘Fuzon’ told after a recital in the capital recently.

About his India experience, Shafqat says, “I do not feel that I am in another country. It is like I have shifted to a new town. Everything is so similar between India and Pakistan.” Ali is the son of legendary Pakistani singer Ustad Amanat Ali Khan and belongs to the seven-generation-old ‘Patiala Gharana.’

“In Tabeer, which literally means realisation of a dream, I experimented with the contemporary way of music, a mix of earthy and traditional tones, to give music lovers something fresh,” he says. Also, Shafqat rubbished the notion that Indian singers are afraid of crossing the border.

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The music which is also composed by him is exceptionally good truly catering to the needs of young music lovers.. There is also Amanat’s version of duma dum mast kalander – but I didn’t much like his version as I felt his voice didn’t quite suit the song.. I loved Kartar – a very good fusion song (Its a must Hear)

So, which song attracted you??

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