In the recent times, reality shows have taken the front seat to discover talent from various parts of the world. Few of them giving auditions are very well trained yet they dont get selected to studio round while there are many untrained singers who have good playback voice and get selected to the studio rounds.. These days recordings are done in parts and with the latest recording techniques and softwares, a song without any sur can easily be converted into a perfect audio track.. So, is it that these days there is no value for those who are trained??

From the olden days, the voice has been given more importance than traditional singing.. There are many who have given their life for music.. I know various music teachers who are stalwarts when it comes to music and are also being consulted by big time music directors and singers.. They are the ones who keep experimenting with ragas and compose melodious tunes – yet they never get the credit.. Lets for a while forget about those who do not wish to enter into playback industry.. But what about those struggling singers who are trained and yet are waiting to get a chance for playback?? There are many classically trained singers who are trying their luck to get into the industry – but many of their efforts are going down the drain..

Taking the example of a singer called Shashi who participated in Saregamapa Challenge 2009 – He is a classically trained singer yet he couldn’t get himself selected to the next round.. While singers who are not trained but have a good playback voice got selected.. Expressive voice is definitely required for playback singing, but seems that the basic qualification of singing in perfect sur and taal is no longer required.. In the golden era every song was practiced by the singers before recording.. They had to sit along with the musicians until they get the tune perfect but these days the singers are given the tune on the spot and when it comes to duet, songs are recorded separately by both male and female singers while the software does rest of the job.. This is the reason why voice quality is preferred over trained singers.. Those days, the singers used their own improvisation in song and used to add their own harkats.. But these days there are very few singers who bring some variation to the original song..

Agreed that these days the number of songs that are being recorded are in huge numbers and expecting the singers and music directors to practice every song before recording is too much to ask for.. But if a besura song can easily be corrected using a software, then what answer will these musicians give to classically trained singers?? Will they never get their dues?? The musicians now need to decide – If they want to appreciate the talent or continue developing new softwares for besura singers..