It has always been a query I wanted to ask.. There are less women in the industry compared to men.. Consider the times from the beginning of bollywood industry – the ratio of men to women have always been on the higher side.. Even when picking out the ratio of popular male musicians to female, men have had the upper hand.. We have just one or two women music directors in the industry and there is none in the recent times.. I have always wondered what could be the reason behind this.. Is it because of the reason that women were not allowed to work in any field?? Well, this could be the reason for olden days – but what about the modern times?? Fine, lets start comparing and you will know what I want to convey through this post..

Consider the golden era – The number of women singers compared to men were less.. Many may claim that its because of Lata-Asha dominance in the industry.. But even the guest women singers who entered the industry are less when compared to men.. I wouldn’t even want to compare the ratio of both when it comes to music direction – as we all know the result..

Even after the Lata-Asha era, the number female singers/musicians has always been less.. Alka, Kavita ruled for a while and then we have the Shreya-Sunidhi era.. (P.S – I am just mentioning those singers who made a strong mark in the industry) How many of the orchestras contain female musicians?? I havent seen any in recent times.. Its definitely not that there are less female musicians in the country.. Singers like MS Subhalakshmi, GK Pattamal, Kishori Amonkar, the flute sisters, Sudha Raghunathan have made our country equally popular to what men have contributed.. Then what is the reason for less female singers??

One good reason that I can find is – people prefer listening to more heavy voices than that of thin and shrill voice.. That’s my perspective.. I love listening more to Rafi, Manna Dey and Kishore when compared to Lata.. But again there are many female singers with heavy voices who have not much showed their presence in the industry..

Another reason which I can figure out is – There are very few female singers who can match upto the scale of the song composed by the music directors.. Once there is a very high scale, the female voices sound shrill and nasal.. Can this be one of the reason??

Lets forget the industry for a while and consider reality shows.. We hear many singers every day but the large amount of audience prefer a male singer when compared to female.. How many reality shows have had female contestants as winners?? This trend seems to be following right from the olden days that anyday men are preferred over women..

Is it due to the dominance of men over women from the past or Are men more talented than women?? Would luv to receive some comments from hard core feminists 😀